RS 3000 / 915 (1)

RS Nut Spraying Machine

The RS Nut Spraying machines was designed for South African heavy-duty terrains with an 8 mm thickness chassis and 6-ton Axle.

The RS Nut spraying machine series is equipped with a 915 mm Air Unit with a total of 38 Nozzle’s and a Comet IDS 2600 ( 260 lt/min ) pump equipped with a Comet Combination Regulator, double Filter System and a double high volume stirring system that was developed to prevent heavy chemicals to serves to the bottom of the spraying machines tank. The machine’s length varies between 3.2 to 3.75 m and 1.8 m wide fitted with large tyres for minimum soil compaction. The tank is 12 mm thick Fibre glass tank is treated to prevent the chemicals from filtering into the fibre glass and is equipped with a 5 litres clean water rinsing tank build in, the tank is designed by structural Engineers to cause less damage to fruit and trees while moving

The 915-mm fan with an air displacement of 90 000 mᶟ/h air per hour, the gearbox consists of a two-speed gear option and the fan has a heavy-duty clutch that kicks in on a very low PTO RPM in turn and 38 Nozzle’s to ensure good coverage.

The recommendation for tree height’s up to 16 metres. The RS spraying machines are produced with three tank sizes to accommodate customer’s needs – 1500, 2000 or 3000 litres.

Optional to order on RS Spraying Machines:

  • Short Turn System
  • Electronical Valves
  • Colour Options between Grey & Blue, Green & Yellow, Kubota Orange and Massey Red
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