Teyme 200 lt Berry Spraying Machine

The 200 lt Berry Spraying Machine was designed for Narrow and Heavy-duty terrains with a 6 mm thickness chassis.

The machine is equipped with a 610 mm Air Unit with a total of 14 Nozzle’s and a Comet APS 61 (60 lt/min) pump equipped with a Comet Combination Regulator, 100 lt/min Filtering System and a Hydraulic stirring system that was developed to prevent heavy chemicals to serves to the bottom of the spraying machines tank. The tank is made from High Density Polyethylene and is equipped with an 10 % out of the Main tank Capacity Self Rinsing Tank and a 15 litres clean water hand wash tank.

Machines available in 200, 400 or 600 litres.

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