RS Nut Spraying Machine

The machine has a heavy service regulator with 260 lt/min Comet pump, double filter system and double high volume stirring system, the stirring system was developed to prevent heavy chemicals dropping out of bottom of spraying machine tank.

The extra heavy-duty chassis with suitable tyres for compaction. The tank is of Fibre glass and includes a hand wash tank. The tank is developed by a Structural Engineer and is 12 mm thick. The tanks are treated to prevent the chemicals from filtering into the fibre glass. The 915-mm fan with an air displacement of 90 000 mɜ/h air per hour, the gearbox consists of a two-speed gear option and the fan has a heavy-duty clutch that kicks in on a very low PTO RPM in turn and 38 Nozzle’s to ensure good coverage.

The recommendation for tree height is up to 16 metres. The RS spraying machines are produced with three tank sizes to accommodate customer’s needs – 1500, 2000 or 3000 litres.