RS Picking Platform

The platform is designed in three different levels, which allow a 1.2 m zone for each picker.

The picker uses a normal pick bag to pick and then he must turn around and empty the bag into the pick bin. The Platform is designed that the pick bin fits on a stable platform. A total of Two pickers can stand on either sides of the bin with a total of 12 pickers and 3 seekers on the pick platform, a fourth bin is located under the third bin in which the selected fruit are saved.

The Pick platform has a central pressure cylinder and the cylinder keeps the platform in an upright position. The stand moves hydraulically in and out, the machine can be used in a 3.0 – 4.5-meter row spacing and with a tree of up to 3.5 meters tall. The pick platform can be used for pruning trees, thinning and picking of fruit.