Teyme DTVS Canon Spraying Machine

The TEYME DTVS lift-mounted machines between 400 and 1200L are designed for crops of integrated production, where the biological balance between the area and the culture requires to be maintained, achieving an exhaustive control of the use of phytosanitary product and, at the same time, an effective and uniform distribution on all the vegetation surface.

Top performing air unit with blower housing made of polyethylene and 16.300 m3/h as the highest flow rate. Gear box with 2 speeds and neutral point. Automatic clutch with progressive starting and stopping 500 mm double fan.

The cannons for long-distance application suppose a new challenge for spraying, allowing the use of phytosanitary products on crops where the treatment by means of traditional machines is not possible. The TEYME cannons series allows the treatment on row, medium-high and high crops.