Our story

Swartland Spuitpompe was founded in 1991 by Sarel Swart and located in Franschhoek, Swartland Spuitpompe imports from Spain, machines from Teyme since 1995 and spare parts and fan units from Solteka. We also develop our own RS Series Spraying machines.

Our main focus is to supply and service our customers, supplying machines to farmers across Southern Africa. Our machines are available from a 200lt up to 3000lt, machines can be used for blueberries, apples, stone fruits, nuts exc.

All RS Spraying Machine series can by ordered by the customers choice of tractor colour.

Our Mission

Swartland Spuitpompe mission is to supply a reliable and durable spraying machine to our customers, so that the products they spray will be effective on the costing and complete coverage on application of fertilizers and chemicals.

Our Approach to a heavy-duty design is to lower the maintenance cost by extending the spraying machines annual life by 25%.

Why Choose Us

The air unit was developed over a period of 50 years to ensure an even flow of air to each spraying machines needs

Tank thickness is 13 mm

Air Unit can be adept to the needs of the customer and to the requirements of the orchards and tractor

RS and Teyme Spraying Machines is designed for heavy duty conditions and terrains across Southern Africa